Called & Gathered to REceive Christ

every sunday services at 9 o’clock

Sundays at 9 am we gather to receive Jesus’ forgiveness through hearing the preaching of Christ crucified, remembering our Holy Baptisms, and for those of our communion, receiving the Lord’s Supper. This is the Divine Service because we are guests in God’s house and He serves us with forgiveness through His Son; we respond as living sacrifices, offering up thanks and praise.

The church with the lawn on jersey ridge road

Gethsemane is a Lutheran congregation that confesses the truth in all of Jesus’ promises. We are located in Davenport, fairly close to Bettendorf and I-74. Most of our congregation isn’t originally from the Quad Cities, but have come to love the QCA as we work, study, and raise families. We glad that you found our site and hope that we’ll get a chance to meet soon. And please contact us if there is something you like to learn more about.

Why “Gethsemane”

Gethsemane was the garden where Jesus Christ prayed during His years of service on earth and also notably where He prayed just before He was betrayed by Judas and deserted by His other disciples. We remember Jesus’ prayers and promises for us that He prayed for us and use the name of His place of prayer for our place of prayer (John 17).

UAC 1966

UAC refers to the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. This statement of faith was presented to the world in 1530; confessional Lutherans still confess the UAC, the Small and Large Catechism, and the other statements of the Book of Concord without reservation because it is the the correction exposition and summary of the true Christian faith. We say UAC 1966 because this is when Gethsemane was founded and pledged herself to the Lutheran Confessions.